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About our company


JULEX is Poland’s leading producer of a comfort, medical, support and work footwear. Our shoes are intended for both professionals (Anatomico) and for private use (Piumetta). Selected products have been attested by the Central Laboratory of the Footwear Industry in Krakow. The certificates confirm that the footwear meets the requirements of hygiene, comfort and safety. Our many years of experience in the production of support shoes, our efficient technological process, the high quality of the materials we use and the on-going improvement of our products mean that our footwear is comfortable and durable.

Selected models of shoe are attested and hold a certificate as shoes for sensitive feet, intended for people who work on their feet, as well as certificates for medical shoes for health service personnel. The majority of our models hold a CE Certificate.

Ever since the company was first established, we have placed great emphasis on the quality and durability of our footwear. Many years of cooperation with our customers, as well as with our sales partners both in Poland and abroad, have allowed us to gain experience and an understanding of our customers’ needs and to apply that experience to the design of new models.

We offer three footwear collections:

  • Anatomico – support footwear designed and made especially for professional users (e.g. health service personnel, people whose work involves standing and moving, employees working in cold-storage facilities, slaughterhouses and abattoirs, the electronics industries and others). Our Anatomico footwear is intended for use in enclosed spaces. The footwear’s construction ensures the correct positioning of the foot. This footwear carries a seal of health approval and is intended for people whose working day exposes them to overstraining of their legs. Selected white, support footwear models hold CLPO seals of approval and certificates for footwear for sensitive feet, as well as for medical footwear. In selected models, we have used moulded leather insoles. The Anatomico insole is characterised by the following properties: a pad beneath the toes prevents the forward movement of the foot; a depression at the rear end of the insole stabilises the heel and prevents its sideways movement. Such an insole moulding allows for energy absorption in the region of the heel; support for the longitudinal arch and the ball of the foot beneficially alter the pressure on the sole of the foot, ensuring comfort when using the footwear for many hours.
  • Piumetta – a line of comfortable footwear for women, made only of natural materials. A characteristic feature of the Piumetta line is the moulded anatomical insole which increases the footwear’s comfort in use.
  • Lilu - a line of summer footwear for women.



We select suitable materials and we shape our production process in order that our customers be delighted with the aesthetics and comfort of the footwear we offer. We produce lightweight footwear which, thanks to its price, is accessible to a wide body of users. Our special line of support footwear is intended for people whose working day exposes them to overstraining of their legs. We want our customers to have no further concerns with regard to the health of their feet. What we do, we try to do best. We achieve this thanks to our specialised and highly experienced team.

summer break 2024

Dear Sirs,

Please mind that the summer break in our production department is taken from 01.08-18.08.2024

Placing the orders before or just after the break may cause delays.

For further information please do not hesitate contact our sales department on sales@julex.pl

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